Performance Monitor

The NSI probing engine automatically delivers an exhaustive and real-time view of the actual performance and availability to any remote network with which the platform is swapping traffic.

Thanks to these measurements and the related reporting, the network Administrator is equipped with the ability to troubleshoot any network situation and plan for longer term improvements.

Finally the probing engine feeds the routing engine with these performance data and events to trigger real-time automated optimizations.


  • Probes historical data
    • Per prefix, per actual probe
    • Per automated or manual probe
    • Packet loss, mean delay, max delay
    • Availability (as well as BGP route availability)
  • Top Gaps
    • Between actual and best route, between actual and worst route
    • Packet loss, mean delay, max delay
    • Configurable tolerance
  • Troubleshooting real-time
    • Multi-route ICMP, TCP and UDP DNS connectivity check
    • Multi-route visual trace route
  • Failed subnets
  • Summary
    • Connectivity and compared performance for all paths & all prefixes


  • TCP, UDP DNS automated probes
  • TCP, UDP DNS, ICMP manual¬†probes
  • JavaScript browser embedded probes
  • Millions of probes per minute
  • Big-data clustering based statistical analysis for automated probe identification and elimination
  • Cooperate probing identification
  • 24/7 NOC assisted probe identification
  • User-configurable retention periods
  • Scalable thanks to modular storage architecture