Through flow collection, NSI delivers live event detection and historical reporting for:

  • Traffic anomalies detection and forensics
  • Network planning
  • Managing Internet Exchange deployment strategies
  • Peering optimisation
  • Bandwidth predictions¬†when optimising routing
  • FIB optimisation
  • Billing calculations and predictions


  • Flows dumps
    • Per IP range
    • Per Protocol
    • Per L4 port
  • Historical & volume graphs
    • Per destination prefix, destination AS, destination country
    • Per transit, IX, IX peers,
    • Predictive routing volumes
  • Maps
    • Per destination prefix, destination AS, destination country
  • Billing
    • Historical & current month
    • Per transit access, aggregated CDR


  • Supports any flow export & sampling protocol: IPFIX, sFlow, Netflow, jFlow
  • Multi-Tb/s network bandwidth
  • Billions of flows
  • Unlimited number of flow sources
  • SNMP interface bandwidth correlated
  • Flow analisys granularity for traffic anomaly detection and layer 2 peers identification (e.g. IX configurations)
  • Insensitive to flow source location, BGP router or other device
  • User-configurable retention periods
  • Auto-adaptive to sampling rates, multiple sampling rates & re-sampling capable
  • Scalable thanks to modular storage architecture