Network design

With the ongoing revolutions in data center technologies and stories about clouds, virtualization and XaaS, CTOs’ and network engineers are undergoing tough decision processes. The long term vision and daily operations of the network platforms are being challenged: costs, technologies, architectures, support services. Each of these areas offer so many options that one single person is barely able to make 100% right choices.

At Border 6 we focus on the underlying and hidden layer of the applications foundation: network connectivity. We supply the right skills and experience for designing secure and high-speed Layer2/L3 network designs and L4/L7 application clusters.

Typical project – Data center network

Thanks to the integration of network technologies into multi services chassis, data centers are getting easier to deploy and scale. But the mix of technologies also requires deep technical skills and experience in many different domains: Ethernet and FC switching, routing, load-balancing, network and application firewalling. Relying on internal skills and a pool of selected consultants, we are able to guarantee the delivery of packaged designed solutions in the data center area, from dozens to thousands of servers and virtual machines.

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