With the introduction of high-speed and versatile networks, IT models have significantly evolved. Users have gained ubiquity. Server images are able to move across the network in a couple of milliseconds.

To benefit from the new advantages of the market offerings, corporates can rely on Border 6 know-how and innovative abilities to design, select and negotiate corporate telecom networks.

Typical project – Data center network

Internet backhaul

A typical customer has European HQ and requires high-speed redundant Internet access to provide connectivity into one or multiple locations where users and servers are hosted. He might also need the Internet service to support the routing of IPSec tunnels used as a replacement of private corporate network services such as MPLS based VPNs’. Within our responsibilities we execute all sides of this telecom evolution: Project management, technical design and implementation, budget, supplier and contract management. Practically we deliver onsite consultancy with a predefined program tailored to each of our customers. As a key of the project success we value the quality of the communication flow with our customers and the change management approach within our customers’ organization.

Data Center

An other typical customer wants to build or move a data center location. We have the ability to deliver all layers of the project needs and provide a one-stop-shop approach to our customers. We manage physical and power design, cabling, labeling, documentation, logical installation, testing, migrations and communication with all involved parties. We care about anticipating all road-blocks and communication problems that such projects are familiar with.