About us

Border 6 was acquired by Expereo during June 2017. Prior to the purchase, Expereo licensed the Border 6 technology to power their XCA global Cloud Acceleration platform, which operates from 17 Hubs across the world.

For more information on Expereo, please visit www.expereo.com

To read the purchase announcement in full, please visit this page.

The Border 6 acquisition also allows Expereo to take XCA into data centers and customer sites as XCA Edge, which complements XCA by optimizing outbound Internet traffic from these sites.

Border 6 will maintain their base in Annecy, France, and their Sales & Development office in Poland.

Border 6 provides mid-size and large corporations with the highest availability and performance Internet connectivity architectures. At the core of our portfolio we have developed a BGP-SDN toolkit for multi-homed Internet access management and optimization: « Non-Stop Internet ».

Relying on our broad experience in Internet and network technologies and solutions we guide and help our customers when implementing new Internet infrastructures and technologies. We look after the whole project life-cycle from field inventory to service launch.